Do I have a shot?

Hi all,

I'm a 19/yo from the USA, about to graduate college summer 2018. I've been sitting on the question of going for a time. I'm well aware because of my degree I am likely not considered desperate enough to be accepted.

Initially, I didn't want to leave my long-term girlfriend, but we split anyway.

I'm fit as a hyena, and have spent significant time overseas as a fighter in thailand.

Call me mental, but what appeals to me is a sense of purpose, to be part of something greater than myself and my own ends. I'm aware this is a romantic reason.
I'm banned from US military due to some stupid stuff I did as a kid.

Also, I walk around at 20 BMI when I'm well fed, but in the past in thailand working out so much and eating much less calories I've dropped weight significantly. At 15 i was below BMI for anorexia simply from starvation. Will this be a problem if I'm at 20 BMI for the initial medical? Or are the subsequent tests?

Any wise words from the anciens on here? I do not want to approach this naively.

Many thanks.



Also, mental answers will come from you too and then the "Mental" Doctor will say,geeez, sounds a little mental...Then you will go a little mental when you get the answers to make you mental, more..And can think about it sipping a coffee and eating a croissant in the first café you found outside the walls, in Aubagne, thinking about the good ole days, when your answers should not have sounded so....Mental.


Wise words from "Anciens" will not help. ...LOL, Anciens.....Pfffft. Must have forgotten the guys who serve in the NOW.

Wise words from "Anciens" will not help. ...LOL, Anciens.....Pfffft. Must have forgotten the guys who serve in the NOW.
Even better. Any who know more than me, which is just about everybody.

If military life seems appealing is a shite reason, clearly I need to cook up a better one.

Joseph Cosgrove

Sharmat, welcome to the forum. Asking for advise is one thing, but you have to remember that each person who went through Aubagne was interviewed differently. Oh, yes there are a set of questions that they must ask : why do you want to join, why did you not join your own military and so on. From your answers to the initial questions the following questions will be taken up by the interviewer.

An example is, someone who can't join the American military because he f*cked up when he was a kid. Logically the questions will follow in that pattern. Someone who says that his grandfather was in the legion, the questioning will go that way.

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