Compulsory transfer

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Hold you horses guys... Pleaaase.
1/ DCLXVI wind your neck in, that's a matter to be handled by the moderators, not by a member. If we need your help, we'll ask you, but in the interim go back to your legionnaire's work.
2/ Stop fantasizing or making assumptions about Thadeusz. You all look like old women who have nothing else to do than gossiping...
3/ Like already said, I very much doubt a Captain would send a letter to a legionnaire's family only to tell them that their son has been given 30 days in prison. If parents one day receive a letter from the Legion, that would be for much worse news.
4/ Thread closed. Thadeusz, if you feel like it, send a copy of the letter to one of the moderators.

Halte au sketch. ENDEX.
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