[Joining] Coeliac disease

In my humble opinion, I don't think it is a wise career choice for you. In any military organization, you relinquish pretty much all the conrol that you have over your day to day situation. That includes when, how much and what you eat. Sure, you can trade around a bit, but that is not a plan you can depend on for five years and the many situations that you will encounter. My Batttalion was a training unit. We spent two to three weeks a month out in the Georgia, USA woods around post training signal officers. Now, you would think that food was a non-issue. The fact is, though, that despite the main/headquarters site's job to deliver breakfast and dinner chow to us guys way out in the woods it more than often just didn't happen and you were down to MREs. This, for you, poses two concerns: 1-With only eight guys on site, like we had, who will you trade with? The MREs were always the same, or not well assorted and 2-Who the heck is the cook during that particular mission? Probably not your friend. My bigger concern is the impact that a flair up will have on your unit. You will be tying up the medic and your squad mates will have to carry your slack. Not good, especially in small units or squads that are pretty tight on everyone being 100%. Just my thoughts. I was never in a combat situation or crazy jungle environment, but even so I didn't have control over my food. I did pack some stuff along, but we were usually too busy to prepare it.

The only way to be sure is to just go. But understand too that sometimes exceeding your limits is not the best plan. Sure, maybe you can get in, but in the long run is it best for you and your future squad mates. Sometimes knowing when to take a new tack is the braver choice.


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First off: In your starting statement you wrote "...it seems that you just want an award for "attempting to join".", 80% of the rest of your reply is you, taking for granted that your previous assumption was true, ranting about how you are mad at me for being JUST the kind of guy you thought I was... Your whole reply is an interesting read, it's weird how you can spin of on baseless assumptions this way.

Secondly, my reply: I always wanted to be a soldier. I was heartbroken when I found out the swedish armed forces didn't accept "celiacs". So I invested many years of my life to find another place in society, which was hard as ****. Then I randomly found some turd on the internet who wrote that the FFL accepts celiacs, after that I was in shock. I had WASTED all my time on SHIT, instead of doing what I really wanted, so I dropped out of school and made a plan. I obviously don't want to go there just to get kicked out. But the fact is the more I look into this, the more it looks like I'll get kicked out no matter what. There just is no place for the celiac on the battlefield, in this day and age.

That being said, will not give up until I get a boot in my ass and a paper, with "inapte definitif" writen on it, in my hand.

Counter-question: Do you really think I'll have a better chance LYING to the ones I want to take me in? I won't get my ass chewed off if they find out I lied? Do you REALLY think I should lie? Because I'll live like a rat, stealing potatoes from the kitchen, lie in the face of my superiors and still sleep soundly at night if it means I'll get a chance at succeeding.
I feel for you man, it sucks when you can't do something purely based on your genetic bad luck. I've got no right to judge but IMHO you'd be a weak link in the system, rough example say you make it through selection, Castel and regiment, you get deployed and dropped in the middle of nowhere to do a patrol for a week, you got your ratpacks but unfortunately the qm doesn't know about your condition and you get an entire batch of bread and butter pudding in the whole squad, you wouldn't be able to eat a thing, become a medical casualty and have now become a burden on the whole patrol. Sorry if this sounds a bit dramatic and short sighted, but it's not just about you, you have to think about but your fellow legionnaires as well. As down and out mentioned in a previous post the guys that lied about something in medical will usually get found out in instruction and booted out because they lied.

I admire your determination, but sometimes we have to accept cold hard facts as difficult as they are to hear.

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