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My guess is that winter generally gives you bigger chances because it's less crowded.

Someone who been there both in winter and summer can tell is better about it.
Hey guys, I'll be flying in the first week of January, maybe we'll get to meet in Castel if all goes well for everyone. We made plans with a member named RoninCon to meet up in Marseille that week but I haven't heard of him for over a month now.

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Tammerfors, although I hope that ‘we’, whoever the other(s) is/are all make it, remember that you are flying solo. It's 5 years of your life, not anyone else's. There may be a day when your buddy is not there because he's binned it or gotten thrown out. You will make new friends.
The idea of going in a group has come up in the past and the consensus seemed to be that you'll make a better impression on the selectors by going alone.


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The MG42 was a captured one and several NCOs had a US M-1 carbine. I am not sure if it was common for REP Legionnaires to have a carbine.
Agree with Joe. The fellaghas, as were called the independentist fighters of the ALN (Armée de Libération Nationale, National Liberation Army), the military branch of the FLN (Front de Libération Nationale, National Liberation Front) were equipped with MG-42, among many other types of weapons, smuggled into Algeria.
The US-M1 carbine, very common in Indochina, was still used in Algeria by the French forces.
My late father, an Algeria war veteran who served there as a 2nd Lt, had one that he managed to bring back to France after the war, along with his cal. 45 Colt pistol, another American weapon still quite common among on the French side at that time, although the 9 mm MAC 50 had been introduced several years before.

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That is correct rashisan. Although this has been said before, 3 pull-ups correspond to the French army enlistment requirements. There will be no point in telling the caporal-chef that the official Legion's site says 3 (push) pull ups when the others are pumping out 8/9. You have to stack as many aces in your hand as possible.
Guys my plans are changed slightly. I will be in Paris on 10th December and will report to la Légion étrangère on 11th December. I know that my chances are near 0 but who knows..?
I am working and living in a hostel in London and the boss wants to kick me out earlier before Christmas, so I have no choice.

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