Camerone 2017, hommage particulier aux volontaires supplétifs indochinois.

Basically, the article says that 2017 Camerone ceremonies will be an opportunity to pay a tribute to the Vietnamese who fought in the Legion ranks during the Indochina war. This was part of a plan initiated by Gen de Lattre, who was the commander in chief in Indochina from Nov 50 till Dec 51. Most infantry units of the CEFEO (Corps Expéditionnaire Français d'Extrême-Orient, French Expeditionary Corps in the Far East), including the Legion, had to create rifle companies with Vietnamese soldiers. It was seen as a way to demonstrate that non-communist Vietnamese were actively involved in the war against communist Vietminh.
In the airborne units, CIP were created (Compagnie Indochinoise de Parachutistes) and in the two BEPs, were created so-called CIPLE (Compagnie Indochinoise de Pararachutistes de la Légion Étrangère). Hélie Denoix de Saint-Marc, a famous Legion officer, commande one of the two CIPLE of 2e BEP in Indochina.

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