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Said whom and can you prove that? I know you where born with the last rain and kiss arse when you are told to, me little brother, time for you to THINK outside the box. :)
@DP : well the crèche is of course christian, but the basic idea is that Christmas falls on the Winter solstice, just like other feasts in other religions in the Northern Hemisphere (taken from my sociology course)
So I guessed that the major factor in the Legion crèches and in the Legion Christmas feast is to unify all Legionnaires, not about a religious element (we have so many religions in the Legion) but about a universal feast (in the North, but I was told by my professor that there are equivalent feasts for the Summer Solstice in the South).
I got back to UK v late last night after a great couple of days in Paris. Eurostar was massively delayed as someone had committed suicide around 1530.
The crèche was amazing as I'm sure Loustic will concur and had been planned over 6 months by a Capitaine but with many others assisting. Afterwards my veteran friend and I were invited (he didn't come) to see Pere Noël with all the Legion parents and their many children at France's biggest circus Pinder. It was wonderful! In haste with pics etc to follow.

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Don't worry too much Loustic. I guess anyone that would like to figure it out themselves can do so including me when I get time!

What were your thoughts on the crèche? Any pics? I'll let you post yours first ;)

Here are a few I took in the CCH bar after

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I liked everything I saw in Fort de Nogent, but I had very little time to "think" in front of the crèche : I was there as reservist and the CNE who is supervising me (and my studies) had warn me in advance : you can come for a "reservist weekend", but it means work and not always fun. He checked my health and the way I am now standing on my legs (he is an MD) and put me to work during the whole weekend !

In any case, I am a Legionnaire 1 Cl (R) [the R meaning "reserve"] and I am not admitted in the glorious company of the CCH !!! :)

This one I knew already !

Martin Scott

Hi All, I'm guessing most of the current or ex legionnaires have built a crèche with their sections whilst serving at this time of year. How long has the tradition been around? Since Algeria? Quite a big competition by the sounds of it. I heard one budding crèche building legionnaire who at the time was based in Tahiti had a brain wave of making a lagoon with live fish in it. Collected all sorts. Great idea until the fish all kicked the bucket just before presentation!
Built one every year when I was in. Very competitive amongst the escadrons in 1ER REC, imagine it is the same in every regiment.
One of the busiest and memorial times is the Carol Concert that MPLE does. Happy days... Now feeling bloody nostalgic. Pass me a Kro someone.
Seeing as our "Green" friend in unwilling to disclose any info re the crèche dedicated to the 1ere BEP :confused: I shall now go ahead post a few pictures for those interested.

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The officer introduced himself, showed us the map of Indochine and told us he was taking us on a journey.

We stepped into the next room simulated to be a plane for the paras. It was pitch black with real footage of the mission over there. Very atmospheric.

Then after "jumping" we moved into the last area. The Battle scene. There were sound effects and French commentary as in the previous room. Genuine footage and records from the war.

Then the last moment the crèche with Mary, Joseph etc came down in the centre to a background German choir singing Silent Night.

They'd even put those outdoor heaters to seem like humidity. Very clever.

Joyeux Noël tout le monde!
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