Brand New Video how the Legion recruits

A bit surprised to hear the Lt-Col at the beginning of the video saying that 75% of the legionnaire request a contract renewal, after the first five years.
  • All non-commissioned officers in the Foreign Legion begin their career as ordinary legionnaires.
  • Training staff: 1 non-commissioned officer for 4 legionnaires.
  • Out of 4 legionnaires recruited today, one will eventually become a non-commissioned officer.
    that is taken from foreign legion recruitment website.
    I guess if you keep these points in mind they tell you that actually it is the other way around like 25% only continue. I mean any legionnaire will eventually become an NCO if he renews his contract say 5 more years unless he is a complete nut head and gets his contract terminated.
    I am glad I am not the only one who got surprised when he said this :D


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Very right and it is outstanding packaging Mon Caporal. 75% ask to re-enlist, shows the Legion has a professional core of around 25% NCOs, SNCOs, and Officers.
Am not saying it is true or not, but remember its a promotial vid for recrutement. ..I remember from way back, a poster for recrutement, "engagé vous et voir la vie autrement ", " Enlist and see life diffrently ", and i sûre did


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opens rights to and for your pension
So, it's your pension. I/we are eligible for our pension for 20-years of service. It's either 40% to 50% of your base salary (Base Salary is Key here) not all of the other pay such as a housing allowance and meal allowance for Marines whom are married. My pension is about $1,500 USD per month. For every year past 20 you add another 2.5% for a maximum of 75% of Base pay at 30-years of service.

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