Borio95 and I have made it


Actual or Former Legionnaire
Got selected, finished Castel. He's now in 1REC and I'm in 2REP. Hard to sort of detail what the Legion is like in a few sentences but this forum has a wealth of information. I basically have had no real surprises or shocks coming here and have so far really enjoyed it. I don't get my phone much here in Corsica but I will try to answer any questions if I have the time.


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How did you rank in basic ? Did you ask for REP ? How many people ask for it ? Did your regimental training start already ? How is it ?

Joseph Cosgrove

Super big congradulations. A REPman no less. Another success story. Well done both of you and welcome to the greens. Any advice concerning how to get your prefered regiment will be apreciated.
I'm happy to announce that Enjolras sent me the required documentation that proves he's a currently serving legionnaire. I've asked the webmaster to put his name back in green.

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