Book: Papillon (French Guiana)


Its a cracking read and a great novel as was Blanco but its' not true.

Papillion never escaped from Devils Island because he was never there.

Any Ex 3 REI bloke has been to St. Joseph where the solitary confinement prison was because it is an R&R center for the 3 REI, Royale (where the RMSB guards lived)is now a civvie holiday resort.

Henri Charriere was a crook who was deported but his book is made up of stories he heard from other baigniards, although some is probably his own experience.

The whole history of the bagne system is interesting, just as we Brits had out Botany Bay our French bretheren had Guyane.


Oh by the way the film The Great Ecape was a bag of bollocks aswell, they had moved all of the Americans before the tunnels were complete, part fact 50 Brit airforce personnel shot by zee chermanz and part fiction Steve McQueen jumping stuff on a motorbike and Jim Rockford flying planes, but once again a cracking film.


After hearing all the jokes about sheep in this forum I start to think that maybe it is the description of the prisoner with the cow that makes some of you appreciate it so much :D

But hey I love this book as well.

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