Bonne fête de Camerone

Jan 14, 2006
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RM the lean, mean,green fighting machine. Racing snakes. The muscle men could march for miles and miles carrying heavy loads.

On assault courses, speed marches and rope work they were at a considerable disadvantage- so many went to Mortars and Heavy Weapons.

I was a wiry little squirt and had no trouble with assault courses and speed marches. The final timed 30 miler. self navigating and in full fighting order was not so much fun. Rough terrain, inclement weather, to be completed by officers in under 7 hours and for enlisted men under 8. On Dartmoor I was sometimes but not too often up to my knees in water.

Joe Cosgrove completed the All Arms Commando Course with the Army prior to the FFL. The basic tests have never changed since WW2. However today's men have to take much more on board than in mine and Joe's days. They are far better educated. 7 in 100 pass out from their original PRMC.

Many Royals have gravitated to the FFL and vice versa.

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