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Hi Ladies,
Just wanted to share my site with you. I'm the American wife of a Sergeant in the French Foreign Legion. I moved to France when he had less than 1 year service (we just passed 8 years!) . I also have a Whatsapp group that I have live conversations weekly to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Hope to talk with you soon!
Yes we're an American family in the Legion lol. He was just transferred to 3REI so we're enjoying life in South America!
American family in the Legion... Interesting and probably quite rare, if not unique... Enjoy Kourou and the beauties of Guyane.
I wanted to thank you for your FFL-vie blog. Somehow I ended up there and learned a lot from what I read. You know, the intricacies of French health care and a bunch of good info on life as a REPtile. It is sometimes difficult to filter through all of the info found here on Cervens (the idea has been proposed to use an outside search engine to find more info on specific questions within the cervens board; and it works better). Plus, you have a great perspective; and so, I thank you and wish you and your family all the best. Cheers!
Thanks Meg for the link to your blog. The FFL really does come before your own family. A significant other needs to understand that mindset. It's great you are helping out spouses. It can be really difficult to settle in to life in a foreign country with different ways not to mention the language barrier. Pièces rapportées need the support.

This is a good resource in English for any of you with children. Although it's more pertinent to Paris there is a stack of general info about living in France and dealing with admin matters, health care etc.

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