Blimey I've seen more life in a grave yard!!?

Nickfury your inbox is full. I wanted to ask why did you get rejected?
My profile says how to reach me, but no one reads it. Why does everyone ******* hate reading? :)

I made it to rouge selection and they have like 40 guys and only need 15-20 during normal times and so they choose who they 'think' will stay for the full 5 years or more. I wasn't chosen. Probably half the guys they did choose asked to go civil or deserted (guys I was close to in selection). So it is really more 'art' than 'science' as I would have been a great legionnaire in my opinion. :)
This forum is older than I am almost.
That's great, tons of information to read and learn from. Sadly at least two of the earliest versions of the forum were completely lost. So while it started in 1997/98, most of the data before 2004 I think was lost. Tons of great guys that used to come on here went on to other things or rarely visit and tons of great discussions were lost...though you can dig up some if it in old archives of the forum or on Google but it changed format so isn't as easy to read.


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Crikeys, getting back to the original post and the question we should be asking, why is this young lady hanging around grave yards?

Merry Christmas all.


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Sometimes forum activity is very low. Feeling lonely here from time to time.

I'm trying to write something everyday so please don't blame me if sometimes type out some nonsense (especially if is saturday night ;)) Also trying to write things that could be interesting leastways to some readers.
Inserting little of humor whenever I can, but it's could be tricky on international forum so I guessing that my jokes often go bad.

I'm pleasantly surprised with number of female members here. I didn't expect it at this type of forum

Martin Scott

we are still around mate! just leaving it to the younger crowd to deal with the bullshit!
Think we had are fill of that when we were en service. Happy Christmas Bro. Hope the beer will be cold if your this side of the pond in 2017


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Well it's great to see you guys still have a bit of life left in you!!! ;-)
Same old forum....start a thread about one thing then it totally turns into another topic ha!
Of course I only pop in here very now and then....start a thread then disappear again....I do have to remain a woman of mystery you know ha ha! ;-)

Bags :)
I thought it was a chartered boat for a fishing trip...then the storm came on suddenly and they never found them.
@ the time, on the news
"a private yacht was lost at sea" (7 or 8 legionnaires declared missing)
Update : they were on PLD and were sailing to Métropole. ...Nice, if am not mistaken
I heard, non official, most of the crew were Polacks
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