Best Fish Sauce EVER!

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ace_compton said:
fish sauce...(or canadian cook, or nada, whatever it is your calling yourself today) do you ever get the feeling your not exactly too well liked on this forum.
Well u know.. when u cross those gates at Fort de Nogent I (we) wasn't (weren't ) "exactly too well liked" either by the Caporal... This ain't a love story man.. this is the ;)

you got issues dude
Yes.. I am a PROUD P5 :D
the_13th_redneck said:
How's it fish sauce when there's no fish in it?

If you want to make the sauce fancy... replace the water with un Fond blanc (fish liquid, u take fish parts boil it with 100 spices and let it simmer for a whole day) ou un bon fond blanc au vin... Only prob... the legion dont have any fond... So use water...Just use water and spices to imitate the missing fond blanc.. anyway.. it sure beats the tuna in a can they will serve you in aubagne...
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