Believe in yourself (also, I have question)


Ossie O

It's all getting a little bit repetitious now. The time has come for the man from Serbia to make a move. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will...


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The time is now, you are physically in shape. Worrying about the things you can not control is useless. Like Joseph Cosgrove stated it is better to fail than wonder.

Listen, again, listen, you are physically strong and you will be able to make it; however, you will be broken, broken down into a raw from and the legion will shape you into a Legionnaire. Yes, there will be mental aggravation, you all will never get anything right at the Farm you will do it over and over and over again. Then there is drill, we call marching Drill. Drill instills discipline in an individual, and then there is the sleep deprivation, this is meant to further fatigue you and break all of you down into a raw from that can be molded.


All of the hardships, all of the pain, all of the being away from home on holidays or birthdays missed while deployed are nothing compared to being a Marine. It is for life, the friends are for life, better friends than what you think you have now, but nothing will be better than EARNING THAT KEPI BLANC AND BEING CALLED LEGIONNAIRE.

You are Got Damned Right it is hard and it weeds out the weak; however, earning it is FOREVER. Until the day I die I am a United States Marine, my coffin will be draped with the American Flag and when I am dead I still will be a Marine, my headstone will say so.

Ossie O
Mark Wake

And everyone else who is a fellow comrade in arms will tell you, they are Legionnaires, Royal Marines, the French Army, and United States Marines (Honor, Courage, and Commitment to our God, Country, and Corps). We are old but in our hearts and minds we are warriors. Go for it and then understand what I am saying to you. ONLY VETERANS UNDERSTAND THIS.


I don't know Mark. Do you think I'm good to go? ;) Probably I won't be on this forum more than one month. You will miss me Mr. Mark.
Good luck for selection mate. Remember everything you learned on this forum. Keep in touch with us, whether it is a "pass" or a "fail" : at least you will be able to say "I tried"


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You must have the 'want factor'. It is pathetic to ask others if they believe the time is right for you to attempt to enlist.

It is simple. It is Mind over Matter. Now demonstrate some mental fortitude and GO.
In the Marine Corps we say "If you don't Mind it Don't Matter, Suck it the Feck Up!"
I've been on this board a long time. The number of guys who talked and talked and talked, but never went, is much much higher than those who actually had the balls to go....that's the first hurdle. The next would of course being selected, then making it through basic...then sticking it out for 5 years. Most don't make it to the end but you will never get to see if you could have or if you have what it takes unless you go.
You either want it and are willing to take the chance like everyone else or you don't and you should move on.

I've seen so many guys talk about their training and go on and on and on about the legion and then disappear and it turns out later they found something 'better'...the whole time on the board was just mental masturbation and boyhood fantasy.

So what kind of guy are you? Who are you? We won't know and you won't know till you make a choice.

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