Banned IP

I tried telling a joke about Erdogan and I lost my Internet connection but I managed to find an open wifi connection for someone called "surveillance van". ;)

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Did someone mention Erdogan? Oh Goody!
(To the tune of the İstiklâl Marşı)

Mein Türkisch Liebe

I have a Türkisch Liebe,
Mein Klein Adolf Hitler,
The Sultan he shall be
Of Turkey and Prince of Germany.

It will be like days of old,
Of Ottomans and Prussians,
With an Eins, zwei, drei!
United against the Kurdisch and the Russian.

Oh my Türkisch Liebe,
We will silence your critics,
In Turkey and abroad.
We’ll ignore your insane antics,
And your Jihadi Horde.

Oh mein Türkisch Liebe,
I don't care about your Genocide,
I'll always take your side,
I won’t let the people displease ye’
Or write nasty poems about ye’.
I won’t let people gloat,
about your sex with a Goat.
You really float my boat!

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