Bag's Daily Ball Buster Quiz...


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Ok well I've done this daily quiz malarky before, few yrs back now(curious as to just how long I've been a member in here...4yrs maybe?) anyways....some of you really enjoyed that daily challenge so I've started it up again.

Simple enough to join...just click on the link below...then register with a nick name & password then get playing....the questions change daily & the scores are kept so you can keep up you lot.....lets see...

who is a Tefal head(brainy)


who is a Dime Bar(thicko)

I've put easy questions in to start you's just a daft laugh so the more who play the more fun we please don't be shy.

Bags :D


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I've been in and changed the questions so the quiz is now harder....come on guys! Its just a bit of fun ;-)

Bags :)

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