Armstrong Pull-Up program

I've been doing armstrong pull-up program for full three weeks and I did not increased my max 7 pull ups even by one, not sure if I should continue this program or just do dozen of sets of pull-ups spread trough the day, doing them whenever I pass near my pull up bar. Anyone had experience with armstrong program? Maybe I should not doing FBW training 4 times a week while on program? Dunno...
About 2 months ago I could not even do half a pull-up and now i can do 6 ,7 pull-ups with good form ( all the way up, all the way down ) thanks to this beginners program : ! I am now at phase 5 and as I said I can do 6,7 pull-ups with good form.

Soon as I can make 8 pull-ups i will start Armstrong Pull-Up Program.

My advice for you is to keep doing this program, don't give up , let your body to take his time ,3 weeks is apparently short time ! You can see changes after 6-8 weeks and if you can do the training a little bit harder , try with ankle weights or vest weight or even a backpack filled with sand, rocks etc.
First rule - More is not always better! Most likely you train too hard and your muscles don't have time to regenerate.
By the way, are you sure that you have a good technique? I was stuck in pull ups for few weeks due to poor technique.
If your technique is good and you can't improve your score in pull ups then you can try the method 'GTG'.

**** FBW. Your goal is to improve running performance and overall physical strength. Unless you're in good shape then you can lift weights, becuase why not.
If you are going to the legion in less than six months it is better to focus on running and swimming.
Your job is to get the highest score on the test!
I dont have any technique, just doing normal pull-ups, max way up and max way down, maybe the laxity of the muscles at bottom position is the problem. My FBW program is not very exhaustive, I'm not trying to build body mass, just want to strengthen my body... I used to do FBW at noon and armstrong in the evening and then some running 4 times a week...

3 weeks is apparently short time ! You can see changes after 6-8 weeks
Yeah but no time to loose, if armstrong program does not work for me now, I doubt it will work later...


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If your goal is to do a max set of pull up then skip the rest training or do it easier.
Workout is not all you will need food and recovery.
just keep doing the Programm. It's always hard in the beginning. Nothing comes for free and real progress comes over time
I am doing the Armstrong prog. since ~ 3 years.
On mondays I do around 40 reps in the first set. In the beginning I did around 5


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If for whatever reason you are still reading this check out the thread I made on this sub forum. Go check out the reccomended routine then use that. I would guess you aren't getting enough rest.

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