An update on my situation

Hi everyone,

I am a South African that grew up on a farm in Hartbeespoort. After the farm murders started picking up we moved to Australia. I tried joining the ADF but they wouldn't have me due to citizenship restrictions. I then started playing with the idea of joining the Austrian Army as I inherited the citizenship from my grandfather. I pulled the trigger and have been in the army for 4 months now in Europe. I qualified for a Reccon Company and am quite successful in my job. I always thought I'd enjoy the military life, but I had no idea what an impact it would have on me. My father was a paratrooper, my grandfather was special forces and my other grandfather was a warrant officer and tank commander.
I was issued with 2 weeks leave from the Commander as a reward for a good performance but I want nothing more than to keep working. One thing I am sure of, is I want this life more than anything. I don't care about national pride and all that interesting stuff, I just want to be a soldier. I want to do what I'm good at. I gave up everything to be here, and I'll do it again to be able to continue doing what I love.

My only problem is, the Austrian Army will not extend my contract beyond the one year I signed for. As I have spent my whole life abroad and wasn't born here, their rules state that they cannot take me on board permanently. So after one year I'm outta here, no questions and no argunents. Army, you guys know the drill.

So I am seriously, very seriously in fact, considering applying for the Legion in September of 2018. If I do that, I am going all in. Austria will arrest me if they find out and in South Africa I will sleep under a bridge. Beside me wanting nothing more than serving my 5 years, I have no choice but to do so if they take me. Other than that, I have never in my life gone back on a promise. When I sign on the dotted line, I plan on honoring that to death or the due date.

Thanks guys as always for all the help and support.
I always say I hold this community in a very high regard.

Well, you seem to be the perfect Legion candidate. Some military experience, a good story to tell about the reasons for joining, not many alternatives. Try to pick-up some basic French if you have time during your off hours and you should make it. At least, I hope so for you.

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