Americans struggle to meet the French Foreign Legionaires' high bar

One can see the article has been carefully reviewed by the Legion PA Dept... [emoji4]
The figure of 80% of legionnaires eventually applying for French citizenship contradicts the figure of 10% mentioned by a Legion official in an other article posted on the site a while back.
The article rightly mentions the importance of having a good mastery of the French language. For those joining without any knowledge of it, the learning curve is steep, but it's a good investment for those looking forward to making a career.


No problems here, none for all the others, either. The only problem is we are all leaving after five years. I don't know one single man who is staying. A good 9 of theem are all done in 16 months and less. One just got out after five, Nick Powers, 1 Coy, 1 REG... I am sure you can find him on REDDIT. The rest who are leaving are all in 2 REI and 13 DBLE. No names, but it's 100%. Such a liberating thing they say when they tell the Capt to stuff it and they are not signing again. Freedom, oh Freedom.

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