After Castel.

When you finally make it back out the gates at Castel many think they are God's gift to the Legion. Many think the bullshit stops outside the gate at Castel, wrong! The first three weeks in your regiment will be crucial to your entire time in the Legion. You are fresh meat and the anciens in your section (platoon) want to know how far you can be pushed (they have to know it). As a brand new "2eme pompe" (turd) you will get the shit end of the stick for quite a while. The 1ere classe legionnaires get a break for a few weeks and you start to ask yourself if you came here to fight or clean shite houses.... Guys take it on the nose and "souffre en silence" (suffer in silence)! That is the only way you will be accepted by the rest of the section. All sections (regardless of regiment) are very close, they know each other's thoughts and very little is needed in the way of words, you have to become a part of this team and it's all down to you how you achieve this.

Never comment on a job you are given, unless its to say "à vos ordres". Never moan because someone else is getting an easy life, whoever it is was the victim before you came along so shut up and complete the task.
Never appear work shy, it gets noticed quick and you will lose the FAMAS in favour of something much heavier...
Chances are most of you will be given the gun for at least a cpl of weeks, BIG TIP READ SLOWLY... When you are on the range with the AA52 and you really have not fallen in love with it... miss the shagging target! Be a lousy gunner and you will not be given the gun for keeps... Every new grunt has to carry it for a while but when the shit hits the fan the gunner is the dude who can make booboos go splat at three hundred metres...! Miss Miss Miss! I did and became a sniper (cushy number when you survive the course)

Try not to make it too shaggin obvious you are missing on purpose... Listen to the advice the guys in your section give you and act on it, not to act on it is an insult to the knowledge they have gained, it also says "**** you" and thats not an advisable thing to say in those first few months. Work as hard as you can in the first three months, guts and drive will get you through it and hey presto... before you know it more fresh meat turns up, and now you are "one of the lads"

Tip. If really pushed, never back down from a punch up if one is offered, you will never live it down. If he is bigger than you make that first punch count and then brace yourself, the pain will only last a cpl of minute but the respect you gain for twattin him will last for five years!

Tip! Do not hit people who do not wear a white kepi.... bad idea!


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Things have not changed much since I served :D I did exactly that. Although we did not have a specific sniper course in those days, I ended up with a rifle instead of a lance patat or LMG :)

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