28/Training/On The Edge


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Good Afternoon,
Here's the big one. Wife, three kids, based in the Balkans, I'm pretty fed up with my situation that has been up and down since 2013. Love 'em, have spoken to my wife and as she barely has any faith left in me, and sees how broken I am, understands that I cannot be idle. I've spent time away from family, 7 months, 6 months, etc... trying to get things moving in the states, but I failed. Wondering if there is a place in the FFL for someone like me, if I could maintain some semblance as a father, and if I'll be able to get past the Gestapo with my story. My guess is to leave out the wife and kids...
That is a big one alright. Even if you get accepted, you might not be able to see your family for a very long time if you get sent to the 3 eme REI.

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