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Hello, long story short - I'm getting my plane at 29 to the Paris BV airport, seems like it's 118km from the Fort De Nogent, any idea how to get there on low budget? I'll have like 100 euros with me and I need to buy some basic things such as razor and stuff because I won't take it on a plane. (I bought the cheapest ticket out there for 10 euros), I'm ready for everything once I'm inside (physically and mentally). Any newest tips and questions would be great.
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Hope you see this. Good luck and let us know your progress when able to.

Chas Ancien Beret Vert.
Will do, i have to get a pocket dictionary today and I'm good to go. I'll write more when i'll progress further but i hope I won't post from two days from now.
Yes I'm in and i dont plan to desert. I like it there. Now I'm on France doing Vigipirate (south of France), then in December moving to Paris for 2 month Vigipirate, then (hopefully) PLD in February :D
Short story long.
Selection 22 out of 50 guys selected. 50 guys on instruction, 40 guys finished. I was 16 in the so-called classement (ranking) and I've chosen REP. They asked me for stay and do stage caporal but I refused (it's shit btw, you learn nothing and you're shitty caporal afterwards). Then I did my stage 00 and promotion which took 2 months, because there were no planes. Jumped 7 times out of Casa. I didn't f*** Lorena, because I wasn't major of promo but the other guy did and I feel sad for him. Now I've got QL for 2 days and already seen Thor Ragnarok. I've reponded already for one message I'll paste it there because it answers most of the questions.


All of France has bagged that expert whore. LOL, poor souls. I guess some dudes like over 50 year old whores who have been flattened by the regiment for the last 30 years. Poor f*ckers.

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