1962 à 2017 : 55 years of the Legion presence at Aubagne

Sorry, I don't know how to obtain the link of a video posted on FB, to post it ‘outside’ of FB, assuming it's possible... I'm not geek enough :D. But if some on the forum know how to do, they are welcome...


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When I click on the link, it takes me to my FB page, not to the video.
If you could, give us the user name of the person who has this video on his time line.
That way FB members can use the search function and look for the time line were it is posted.
PS. I did not see it on your time line.


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There is why to do that but ... Man is that video so good? You have to download it to your PC and then upload to some youtube channel. (don't know if this forum have option of uploading videos other than from youtube)

Rapace you have me as a friend on FB. Try to send me video by PM


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Here you go guys. It wasn't easy, but you are my crew. Honneur et Fidélité !


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