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3rd October 2005, 08:59
Is it true that the Legion is the most deployed force in the world? How much combat does a Legionaire see these days?

3rd October 2005, 11:12
What´s your source for that information? I would think that USA has more deployment´s than the Legion, but who knows. It´s not quite public information, if you count special operations.

4th October 2005, 00:02
I have always been under the assumption as well that the American forces along with the Brits are the most deployed miltary units in the world.

Take care, BG

4th October 2005, 03:26
For the most part, any western nation can kick their soldiers out the back of a plane half way around the world in short notice. However I think the the US has the largest capability to do so affectively. Its not a question of balls but resource, I would think most Europeans are yerning to expand their capabilities though.

4th October 2005, 06:12
Good question,
And of course you're right about the US having seen more combat in todays combat operations. The Legion mainly is operational in small countries where no one really notices. Which for most of the time it's in Africa, and of course peace keeping operations. The last time the Legion saw a full scale conflict was in Algeria. Of course there was Gulf War 1, which we only really say a few day of action. We did spend 8 1/2 months there, but most of the time was just the build-up. There has been little skirmishes here in there in the past but nothing major. As for the question of special operations well all nations are involved in these types of operations. The only guys doing that type of stuff come from a unit called the 11th and those guys still think that they are spies or something like that. Don't be under the illusion that the Legion is running around with black masks doing the dark deeds in the middle of the night, because it's not happening. I personnally think that some of you read too many books written by some wanker who just went to 1 RE and did'nt make the cut. In closing the US and the British forces are seeing more and have seen more than the Legion. Because at the end of the day the Legion is still run by the French government.

4th October 2005, 07:16
America and the UK have seen and see more action than any other nations. Fact and militarily correct. One British unit which will be nameless has seen action every year since 1945 with the exception of 1968.

4th October 2005, 12:36
Royal? :cool:

5th October 2005, 15:11
You are 100 % correct with your response and smiley.

6th October 2005, 17:15
are you talking about the Royal Marines? If so, those are some bad mothers. I'm going to U.S. Marine bootcamp in less than a week. I think that'll turn out good.

7th October 2005, 06:39
are you talking about the Royal Marines? If so, those are some bad mothers. I'm going to U.S. Marine bootcamp in less than a week. I think that'll turn out good.:p I love this guy!!! good luck...

Take care, BG

7th October 2005, 07:24
Yes I am. But please remember this forum is dedicated to the FFL.

7th October 2005, 19:03
Bonjour Croquermort,

Since it's now in the public domain here, what was the deal re the RM and 1968? Was it a year of R&R?

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7th October 2005, 23:00
Bonjour Bob,
1968 - 'Quiet year'. This was a relatively quiet year,although 40 Cdo. was still based in Singapore, while 42 Cdo. saw service on Commando carriers. The usual round of exercises continued unabated. By 1967, 45. Cdo had completed 11 tours in Aden and 42 Cdo. covered the final Brit withdrawal.
In 1969 41 Cdo. was Spear head Btn. in N.I and so it went on better return to FFL topics.
Bonne chance,